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Sound Logic can provide resourcing from part-person through to complete teams in all areas of IT. Because of our co-operative approach to IT development, we resource as appropriate to your specific needs, and aim to address your needs as a priority. It is typical that we work with the existing IT infrastructure of our clients, though mainly within our own premises. You can express needs either in resource specific, project specific or business challenge specific manners and we will tailor our response to this.

We generally work on a time & materials basis, due to experience in "fixed price" projects in the past (representing both clients and vendors) where the variations and re-negotiations tend to distract all parties from the project goals and client business needs. So as to reduce the risk of budget overruns and scope creep often associated with time & materials contracting, we provide direct client access to all project management, forecasting and timesheeting information. Our "honesty and respect" philosophy obligates us to provide early notification of obstacles and overruns, as well as maximise opportunity for being ahead of budget and schedule. And yes - we do often do this(!)

We have concrete experience in all aspects of development, including:
* Business Analysis
* Project Management
* Architectural/Systems/Data Design
* Gap Analysis
* Integration
* Development
* Testing
* Deployment
* Post implementation maintenance and system support

Sound Logic employs a number of experienced staff, capable of providing all
of the above services. We also have a network of short/medium term contract staff
which we draw upon for project specific needs

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