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Key Staff

All projects within Sound Logic ultimately fall under the gaze of Dave Sanders or Neil Cormick.

Dave Sanders

Dave has been living off the IT profession for about 20 years (it paid for his university education), during which time he has spanned many aspects of the industry, from embedded systems design through to telephone banking, accounting and cash logistics systems. The success rate of projects he has been a key architect or manager of is way above industry norms and clients from 20 years ago still value his advice.

He is passionate about delivering what the client needs within the real-world constraints of their environments and doing it in an honourable and accountable fashion.

He is the founder and Managing Director of Sound Logic which has been providing IT consulting for the last 10 years.

Neil Cormick

Having a background in application development, training and project management. Neil was originally employed by Hewlett-Packard, and prior to coming to Sound Logic was the IT Development Manager for Mayne Logistics (Armaguard). Cost effective delivery of quality solutions is something he is passionate and experienced in providing.

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